St. Francis Day Care Center has been established for your child.  A child is a gift from God to you and to the world.  God loves your children; you love your children; we love your children.

Christ said, “Let the children come to Me for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” (Luke 18:16) To you we say with His words:  Let the children come to us while you are working, and when your child returns to you, we hope he or she will be more loved, more loving, and happier every day.

Offered in support of this concept, our day care services are not limited by religious belief, nationality, race or economic status.

  • We want to help provide the atmosphere, time, space, and materials for carefree, joyful play, which we believe is the basis for developing skills in a child.

  • We want to help your child to grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially by providing an environment that will stimulate and create interests.

  • We want to encourage and give many occasions for your child to explore the mystery of God’s creation through nature and  other materials, helping him or her to be at home in this world.

The Center will offer ample opportunity for your child to grow in openness, in trust, and in concern for those around him or her.  For the total well-being of your child, we look forward to a good relationship between you, the parents, and our employees in the Center.

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